Une Saison en Enfer or L’ amore di una vita presa troppo presto

By John Clise

Bathed in the golden sunlight

In sunflowers and daisies

She did lay openly

Monuments to war nearby

Some set for decades

Others freshly plowed

Row after row of names

Though she stares only at one

And the child in her arms

Overwhelming silence

As the wind whips the flowers

And the baby coos like a pigeon

Her soft yellow sundress

Was meant for something else

Perhaps a warm spring picnic

Or making love in the sweet grass

An enemy bullet finished that

And made sure it was put in stone

What that life was going to be was over

What will be now is unknown

Only lived a day at a time

Sometimes only a second at a time

Tears fell like a summer storm

As she cradled the living memory

Of a love to last forever

Memories to last 60 years

Were jammed made in two short years

She could see his smile in baby’s face

Even his squint when the baby fidgeted

Over the years the men would call

But she would only show them

Her favorite souvenirs from life

The wedding ring she still wore

And a heart shaped emblem

Removed from a purple ribbon

Placed on a gold chain around her neck

And so she watched their son

Grow to become a man

Have a family of his own

Play with her grandchildren

Sixty years later she awoke

To find her soldier lover

Sitting by her bed smiling

Wanna take a walk with me

Is all he said to her taking her hand

It was a spring day again

She was in her yellow sundress

He was in his uniform

As handsome as she remembered

Her sundress flowed freely

As they walked away bathed in the sun


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