Bathed in the Light

(Editor’s note: I wrote this in November of 2013 reflecting on a friend who’d passed in October of that year. He was a bright light to everyone in this world. He was gone too soon. He fought through more than any 100 people put togther. The last thing my beloved and nearly life -long friend said to each other was that we loved each other. Not the first time we’d spoken those words over the years. He always said don’t hold back. Let the people you love know it. I understand that better now.)

By John Clise

Shared with Your friends

Wise beyond the years

Bittersweet memories of youth

Stood at the shore

Watched a friend take flight

Wings outstretched to God’s loving arms

Sun warms the face

Sweet summer breeze cleanses

The pain and joy mix together

Remembering the times gone by

Smiled slowly and quietly

Waved once more goodbye for now

Slowly turned and walked away

Bathed in the Light


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