Waiting on Santa

By The Cat Called Bob

I’ve been waiting for Santa to visit. It seems like there’s a lot of build up to his visit, and it takes forever for him to get here.

I’ve been watching the NORAD tracker for his progress. He’s a busy guy tonight. I wonder what he does with the rest of his year.

Anyway, I’ve been watching out the window, and listening for his sleigh bells in the sky. Or even one of his robust “Ho ho hos.” Nothing yet.

I’m thinking of sleeping under the tree to get a glimpse of the man in red. I was thinking about hiding behind a big present with one shut and the other just slightly open so I won’t miss anything.

I do think I caught a glimpse of Santa a couple of years ago going back up the chimney. I’m not sure how he fights up and down there. It must be magic or something. Or he can change shape. I haven’t figured that angle out yet.

Santa always brings me and my brothers and sisters a big box of these glittery balls we chase around the house until our human parents have to clean out from under the stove and other places to replenish our fun.

I’m always the most excited to maybe see Santa. My brothers and sisters aren’t all that interested. I say it’s their loss. They just haven’t come to see the light like I have.

It’s supposed to snow eights inches where I live tonight. I keep checking on that, too. Lucky Santa travels by sled with Rudolph to lead the way with his bright red nose.

Oh my!!! I just checked out the window. It’s snowing now. It was raining just a few minutes ago. It’s sticking to the cars outside already. It is looking like a snowy Christmas.

Snow will be helpful in case the reindeer need to touch down in the yard I’ll be able to examine and identify their tracks. I’ll also be able to see Santa’s sled tracks.

I do hope all my bird friends find a safe place to make it through the snow and cold weather. It’s going to be chilly out there tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night. I keep up on the weather.

Many of my bird friends stay here through the winter. I think if I could fly I’d fly south to warmer weather. I’ve heard some humans do that. They go south for the winter, I mean. My humans should do that, too.

I hope all of your fur friends are safe and warm. Please bring them inside or make sure they have warm, dry shelter. They depend on you for their safety.

I’m going to bundle up. You better, too.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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