Hawaii in Pictures

This is the Tibouchina urvilleana also known as the Princess Flower. All photos by David D. Taylor.
We are still trying to identify this bird. All help appreciated.
Scenic overlook on the big island.
Watch out for the senior kitties on the loose.
Paroaria Coronata. Introduced to the islands around the 1930s.
Kamehameha the Great was the Hawaiian conqueror and king who united the Hawaiian Islands and founded the Kamehameha dynasty.

By John Clise

Roving photo journalist David D. Taylor has checked in on another adventure. Hawaii. According to David, the weather is great; the grill is fired up; and the adventures on the Big Island are non-stop.

On this trip, he’s seen rainbows, whales and wildlife in abundance.

It’s always great when he checks in from the road. We always know it’s going to be an epic adventure somewhere with him.

Obviously he wanted us to remind anyone traveling to take every precaution possible. David had COVID 19 tests before he left, once he arrived and has been wearing his mask anytime he comes anywhere near another person.

“This place is stunningly spectacular,” David told us in describing Hawaii. “The foliage here is simply gorgeous.”

The Aloha State has an average high temperature in January of 70 F and a low of 66 F. It was 86 the day David checked in with us. He was very pleased, as I suspect we all would be in that situation.

We’ll share more pictures as David checks in on his travels to Hawaii.

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