Be a Decent Human Being and Wear a Mask

By John Clise

In the small county I live in in West Virginia we’ve had four Covid 19 related deaths in four days, yet people still refuse to wear masks because, well, they are spoiled little shits with a sense of entitlement that they are Americans and can do whatever they want, even though their neighbors and even family members are dying.

How could individuals care so little about themselves, their family and their neighbors that they would want to see harm done by not wearing a mask for protections. This isn’t about personal liberties. It’s about being a self involved, selfish brat.

If you are out with a “medical condition” not wearing a mask then you are no different that than the dullards just plainly refusing to wear masks because it’s their “right”.

Because of my immune system I rarely go out in public these days. When I do I wear a mask. As of last I have been wearing two masks. I avoid crowds. I use hand sanitizer. And more than that I use common sense, which seems to be a scarce source these days for people pounding their chests over “liiibeeerteeees.”

I’ve come to the conclusion the people screaming about their liberties are just whiners who have no idea how to go about attaining attention in a positive manner so they go ahead and make total asses of themselves to get the much needed “love and affection” they desire to satisfy their underdeveloped emotional capacity.

We have several of those types in the town and county I live in here in central West Virginia. They are self styled stable geniuses who know every thing and love forcing their opinions on others. And, obviously, when you reject their obvious brilliance you are a loser, dumbass, intolerant, butthole even though all you want is to not get or give COVID 19 to anyone around you or even strangers in passing.

Maturity in adults is a scant resource at times. Anti-maskers, antivaxxers, flat earthers they all seem to have one thing in common… being dullards. Carrying on in such a fashion is a clear sign of being emotionally stunted. Other than that, someone so selfish can only be thought of as intellectually and emotionally underdeveloped due to narcissistic tendencies.

In other words… the lack of empathy, looking down on others and your tender feelings make you a total turd to the rest of us,

Love yourself, your family and community by wearing a mask. It’s the right thing to do.

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