Just One More…

One more night at the Roxy NYC with friends half stoned, half drunk and half in love with whatever beautiful woman was near by listening to loud rock and roll until the early morning hours staggering back to a a hotel room, crashing on the bed in the arms of that beautiful woman.

One more night of blowing my ear drums out listening to the Ramones on a worn out record player with a worn out needle. Eating pizza, and drinking cheap beer with friends. Beer we had to roll up every coin we could find to afford. Laughing all night long not caring that we had to work shit jobs the next day. We felt like we were the Lords and Ladies of all creation.

One more morning of sipping coffee, reading the Sunday morning papers with Heidi, talking about anything. Making our grand plans to sail around the world, just the two of us and the dog. One more time cuddling under the sheets because it was too cold to get out of bed, and we loved each other so much we never wanted to leave each other’s arms. One more romantic candle lit dinner with TV dinners and discount priced wine watching movies on and old black and white TV we bought at a yard sale for $15. One more lingering kiss as we were forced to go to work, or some other something that seemed to keep us apart for an eternity.

One more baseball game with my dad. One more time fishing. One more talk about life. One more college basketball game. One more “shoot’m up” movie as he called Westerns. One more lesson on how to grill hotdogs. One more day.

One more afternoon sitting in the sun with college friends debating topics of the day, waxing on about Hemingway and Steinbeck before we realized what frauds they were. The feeling of innocence we didn’t even know we had. Loitering around because there was nothing that seemed more important than time with friends we thought we’d have forever.

One more time on the avenue cruising on a warm summer night. All the dudes with their hair perfect, and all the chicks in their summer clothes. ZZ Topp, Skynyrd, and Van Halen (not Van Hagar) blasting on the local radio station. Cool breeze feelin’ just right for the night.

One more round of drinks at CBGB. One more meal at Da Vittorio before it changed locations. One more B.B. King concert. One more set from Richard Pryor and Robin Williams. One more time of hearing Hendrix for the first time. One more time of seeing the Sistine Chapel for the first time. One more outdoor concert from the Allman Brothers.

Once more to have the wander I had as a child. Once more to have the same peace I had as a child. To sleep like I did when I was a child. One more time to recall my vivid childhood stories to my mom at the kitchen table over breakfast regaling her with stories of dragons, giant fireflies, sea turtles as big as sailing ships.

One more afternoon at Ellis Park with Brian wagering $2 to win, place or show to score a big $2.20 payout. One more $5 to win on a “sure thing” that bucked the gate and dropped dead on the track. One more lemonade in a souvenir cup to be found years later tucked away in a keep box.

One more day on the open road with no destination planned. No itinerary except enjoyment. Stopping to check out roadside attractions like the world’s biggest moth under glass, and other such oddities that come with a $2 admission fee and a very excited proprietor to see a customer off the big highway on the local roads. Sign the visitor’s book with a smile. “Lord, we ain’t seen nobody from that far off for ten years,” he says looking at your signature and mispronouncing your name. One more unscripted adventure across the seas and back again.

One more new suit from Mr. Alberts. One more night of jazz anywhere with my dear friend Jasmine in a sequined gown showing off her long, silky legs. One more Saturday afternoon downtown with Jasmine in her Gloria Vanderbilt’s, silver turtle neck, red stacks and that faux red leather coat with the faux fur collar getting Korean BBQ at Jimmy Lu’s.

One more time listening to Aja in a smoky club drinking 50 year old scotch quietly grooving to the music with everyone else without speaking a word. Making eyes at the woman across the room. Smiling knowing that was as much as it would ever be. Too drunk to drive but not so drunk I want to go home. Vibing on the horns. The music sets me free.

Just one more…


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