Satire– Biden To Ban Bacon

The Biden Whitehouse seeks sweeping changes in the pork industry including banning bacon.

By Race Opell Humor Writer

President Joe Biden is seeking to ban bacon in the United States as one of his policies in his first 18 months in office.

It’s all part of his Operation Kaleidoscope ’20 and Beyond plan to ensure the road from Mexico to the US stays clear of any obstacles.

According to reports, the banning of bacon is the first step toward the socialistic overthrow of America by Biden and his supporters.

One government insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the Biden agenda scares him more than former President Barack Obama ever did.

“Biden is far more dangerous than Obama,” the anonymous insider said. “Biden has years of connections, deep connections to so many groups unknown to the public. He’s far more liberal than Obama ever was in office. What’s next? Voting rights, gun ownership, social security. It’s open season on America at the White House now.”

According to reports, pigs will be shipped to Cuba and other communist countries in accordance with soon to be signed treaties opening full trade with China, Russia and other nations in exchange for other sources causing the American farmer additional hardships. Failing farmland will be purchased at below market value by the government in order to build communities for reported illegal immigrants.

Farmers will have no choice but to comply or be taken into custody by federal authorities and placed in government camps for reeducation, according to government sources speaking on the condition if anonymity out of fear they will be placed in reeducation camps as well.

But, again, remember this is only satire written for your entertainment.


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