Dorsey’s Knob in Monongahela County, West Virginia is Spectacular

Dorsey’s Knob overlooks the Monongahela River and the Appalachian Mountains. Also located in the park is Dorsey’s Knob Lodge, operated by Boparc, Morgantown’s municipal park authority. Photos by David Taylor.

By David Taylor

Before heading home after a trip to Morgantown, WV, Bev and I stopped at Dorsey’s Knob Park, one of the highest points in Monongalia County.

Dorsey Knob is a mountain summit located off U.S. Route 119 at the southern edge of Morgantown and home to what the locals call “Sky Rock.”

We took our time to hike to the top. While standing atop the rock, you can see for miles and miles; a panorama that includes a picturesque view of the greater Morgantown area and the Monongahela River plus the Appalachian Mountains.

The top of “Sky Rock” is at an altitude of 1,398 feet, rising nearly 600 feet above the surrounding landscape. When you stand here at the top you will know exactly why West Virginia is referred to as “ALMOST HEAVEN.”


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