Marjorie Taylor Greene Once Again Suspended from Twitter for Spreading False Information

Marjorie Taylor Greene  currently serving as the U.S. representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district was suspended from Twitter again for spreading false information related to COVID 19 and the associated vaccines. Official photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

By John Clise

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been suspended from Twitter once again for spreading false information regarding COVID 19, and its related vaccines. This suspension is good for seven days.

Greene received the suspension over the following Tweet captured by Clise’s Cornucopia from her currently suspended Twitter account.

Click here to visit the Tweet and learn more about the suspension from Twitter.

According to Twitter, her account is now in a read only mode for the next seven days.

Responding to the suspension via Facebook, the Congresswoman posted “I’ve been banned again.” 

She also posted a screenshot from Twitter explaining her suspension seen below.

She also posted the following on Telegram in reference to what said was Twitter “trying to silence her.”

“I have vaccinated family who are sick with COVID. Studies and news reports show vaccinated people are still getting COVID and spreading COVID.

I’ve talked with numerous people who have scary side effects like Myocarditis, blood clots and miscarriages. And nearly 7,000 deaths are reported in VAERS on the CDC website.

In my opinion, the FDA should not approve these vaccines until more research is done.

But Twitter suspended me for speaking the truth, and tweeting what so many people are saying.”

Greene promotes herself on her social media as a “Congressional Candidate; Christian Conservative; Wife; Mother of Three; Political Outsider; Problem Solver; 100% Pro-Life; 100% Pro-Second Amendment; 100% Pro-Trump100% for America.”

According to her Wikipedia profile, Greene has promoted numerous far-right, white supremacist, and antisemitic conspiracy theories including the white genocide conspiracy theory,[7][8] QAnon, and Pizzagate,[9][10] as well as other disproven conspiracy theories such as false flag mass shootings, the Clinton body count, and those related to 9/11.[11][12] Before running for Congress, she advocated for executing prominent Democratic politicians.[13] As a congresswoman, she equated the Democratic Party with Nazis[14][15] and compared COVID-19 safety measures to the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust.[16] She apologized for the latter comparison.[17]

A supporter of Trump’s efforts to overturn his loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, Greene has repeatedly and falsely claimed that Trump won the election in a landslide victory that was stolen from him.[18] She called for Georgia’s election results to be decertified[19] and was among a group of Republican legislators who unsuccessfully challenged votes for Biden during the Electoral College vote count, even though federal agencies and courts overseeing the election found no evidence of electoral fraud.[20] Greene filed articles of impeachment against Biden the day after his inauguration, alleging abuse of power.[21][22]

The House of Representatives voted to remove Greene from all committee roles on February 4, 2021, in response to her incendiary statements and endorsements of political violence. Eleven Republicans joined the unanimous Democrats in the vote.[23][24] Greene is running for reelection in 2022.[25]


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