Sirianni’s Pizza Cafe is a Hidden Gem in Davis, West Virginia

Sirianni’s Pizza Café in Davis, West Virginia, has a great menu including pizza, salads, pasta, hoagies, and so much more. Things are always happening at this great little eatery. Photo by Rebecca Clise.

By Race Opell

I stopped by Sirianni’s Pizza Café, in Davis, WV, earlier this year, and to be honest, I can hardly wait for travels to bring me back that way for another meal at one of the best places I have ever eaten.

Davis is nestled right in some of the most beautiful country in the Mountain State. Finding such a great place to eat was just icing on the cake.

The menu is full of great items including pizza (of course), salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, appetizers, hoagies, as well as some nice vegetarian choices.

I decided on a Greek salad. It was delicious, and there was definitely no skimping on ingredients. Along with the salad, and a small Johnnie’s Cheese Pizza. The pizza was fantastic. I washed it all down with the tastiest of lemonade.

I was encouraged to try their in-house made garlic dressing, with each new batch made with very fresh ingredients. I most certainly will be trying it out next time.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the dining area, though it was nearly empty due to the pandemic. I only sat down to eat because there were on only a few other folks there. Otherwise I would have carried it out, and eaten outside. Outdoor dining is available.

It was warm, and very welcoming. I’d say there have been many a good times had there over the years.

Sirianni’s Pizza Café and the entire community of Davis are a definite breath of fresh air. I would strongly suggest a visit there while you are on the road from wherever you are to wherever you are going.

Here is a brief overview of the business from the beginning as told by the owners on their social media:

Sirianni’s was established in June of 1988 during the height of Reganomics. Our Davis shop is located in a hundred year old steam ship office. This office made travel arrangements for the many immigrants who came to this area for work during the coal and timber booms of the late 1890’s and early 1900’s.

Our restaurant’s name is that of our ancestors who came during that time of mass immigration to find work and better life in their new country. The Italians were well known for their mining abilities, strong mercantile desires and their love of life.

It is said that Italians build their homes as if they would live forever and eat as if they would die tomorrow. At Sirianni’s we continue to serve fresh, good tasting food in our eclectic atmosphere. We do hope you will look around and make yourself at home while here, but most of all, savor the experience of your meal.

Some locals say Sirianni’s is the place where the freaks appear for free and no medium drinks are served.

Please enjoy our place and become part of our family because food, family, and friends are the staples of life.

Welcome, Sandra Goss, Walt Ranalli, and Michael Goss

P.S. If you are visiting, have fun and play hard. Ours is truly a beautiful spot in this world.

P.P.S. Our Canaan Valley shop is located on route 32 in the heart of Canaan Valley. The hours for our Canaan Valley Shop are Wednesday to Sunday 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Canaan Valley is 304-866-3388.

P.P.P.S. – We are carry out only during the last hour we are open.


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