Sitting in Granddad’s Rocking Chair

By John Clise

Sippin’ sweet tea

Watchin’ the sun set

From the front porch

Sittin’ in Granddad’s rocker

Thinkin’ back on life

Lookin’ forward to what may come

Every day is a gift

Every breath is a gem to behold

People I ain’t seen in years

Are strong in my heart

Those I see everyday

Rarely cross my mind at times

I drift back to mama’s couch

My brother and I trying to behave

But laughing our asses off

While the preacher looked so stern

I remember summertime

Chasing our only baseball

Floating down a deep river

Scared we’d lose it

The first time I saw her

I knew she was the one

But far too soon

She was gone away form here

Tomorrow morning begins harvest

Corn, beans, potatoes, radishes

And much more than that

Then there’s canning it all

I’m not sure what future days hold

But I’m ready for the adventure

I’m ready for the ride

Every day is a gift to use fully

Never waste a day on self pity

You are here and you are alive

You are part of the universe

Use your gifts to grow yourself

And like Granddad said to me

Good tea is smooth

Sunsets clear the slate

And a rocking chair takes your pain

Written in 2017


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