Skeeter’s World Famous Hotdogs A Tradition Since 1925

Skeeter’s World Famous Hotdogs has been serving up hotdogs in Wytheville, Virginia since 1925. Photo by David Taylor.

By David Taylor

I never miss a chance to stop at Skeeter’s World Famous Hotdogs, located at 165 E. Main St. in Wytheville Virginia for a couple a chili dogs with onions, and an ice cold Coca-Cola straight from the bottle.

They’ve been serving up these famous hotdogs since 1925 to locals, travelers, and people coming from anywhere just to have one of the special hotdogs.

I have to say these particular hotdogs have never disappointed me. The buns, chili, onions, hotdogs are just right all the way around. It’s always great service. There’s always someone there to start up a conversation with about whatever is happening.

A quick history say the the original owner of the restaurant known today as “Skeeters” was a  man named Mr. E.N. Umberger.

According to their website, the name “Skeeters” came from the nickname given to Mr. Umberger’s son, E.N. Jr., by his mother.  Over the years when Skeeter ran the store, the hot dogs became known as “Skeeter-dogs” and the store became affectionately known as “Skeeter’s”.  According to Skeeter, prior to 1950 (when his dad ran the store) it was a grocery and the hot dogs and lunches were a sideline.  With time, the hot dogs drew customers locally and from around the world and is the main seller today. 

The place is rich with history and nostalgia of its nearly 100 years in business. You’ll find the walls adorned with Pepsi, Royal Crown Cola, Coca-Cola, Grapette, and many other favorites from throughout the years.

The lunch counter with the old-fashion spinning stools takes me back to the lunch counters of my childhood.

The menu is full of choices. Click here to check out what all they have to offer. It’s more than hotdogs, but those are definitely the best. The crinkle cut fries are a close second.

I’ve heard many compliments on the slaw dog, Club sandwich, and chili cheese fries. Maybe next time I stop in I’ll try some chili cheese fries. I’ll definitely let you know.

According to the mural on the side of the the building, where Skeeter’s is located, they’ve sold more than 9 million hotdogs. I can certainly see why. They are delicious.


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