#McKinley Fights Biden Administration on Consistency of Covid 19 Mandate

Congressman David B. McKinley, P.E., (WV-1)

Washington, DC – Congressman David B. McKinley, P.E., (WV-1) recently issued a series of letters to the Biden Administration highlighting the inconsistent application of their overreaching vaccine mandates.

“Let me be clear: the Federal vaccine mandates imposed by the Biden Administration are unconstitutional and represent government overreach,” said McKinley. “While I recognize the Covid-19 vaccine is a vital tool to combat the pandemic and I encourage people to get vaccinated, this choice should be left to individuals and not the Biden Administration’s heavy-handed and unfair government mandates.”

“That said, the mandates are being applied inconsistently. President Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate requires employees at private companies, members of the military and government contractors to comply, but does not require the same of individuals receiving federal benefits like welfare or illegal immigrants apprehended at the border,” said McKinley.

“President Biden’s selective vaccine mandate undermines public trust and shows yet another shortcoming in the Biden Administration’s ability to lead our Country out of this pandemic,” said McKinley.


SNAP beneficiaries and Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Medicaid beneficiaries and Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Illegal immigrants and the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Covid-19 vaccine mandate for members of the military.


Two different Federal Courts have blocked the Biden Administration’s enforcement of the vaccine mandates for healthcare workers and on private businesses through Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules.

Rep. McKinley has signed on to legislation, including H.R. 5908 and H.Res. 799, to restrict the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate.

The Biden Administration has since said it will not enforce the OSHA mandate until a final order is handed down.


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