State Auditor Announces #Cybersecurity Incident in Payroll Cloud

West Virginia State Auditor J.B. MucCuskey

WV Auditor’s Office Press Release

Chairman of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) board, John B. McCuskey, was informed today, December 13th, of a cybersecurity incident that has disrupted the Kronos Private Cloud. UKG, formerly known as Kronos, is contracted by the state to provide payroll administration, specifically time and leave balances.

First and foremost, we want to reassure state employees there will not be a disruption in payroll. This is possible because the ERP Board has a business continuity plan for such a situation and that plan has now been engaged.

State payroll checks scheduled for December 17th have already been processed. Payroll administrators are being alerted to this situation and we are communicating a plan for processing the time for the December 31st paycheck.

It is important to note that Kronos has no personal information of any state employee, the company is provided with employee numbers and hours worked only. The West Virginia State Auditor’s Office is working with the state’s Chief Information Officer and is ready to provide support to agencies as they navigate this situation. Payroll administrators will receive instructions on how to review and adjust time and leave hours until this situation is remedied.

“Our first concern, as always, is paying everyone accurately and on time. Our second concern will be holding all those accountable for disruption and damages,” Auditor McCuskey said. “Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to the hard-working payroll administrators throughout state government who will be the key to ensure that our plan is implemented properly.”

 This does not impact employees of the WV Supreme Court, Division of Highways and WV State police as they use a different time-entry system. ERP was founded in 2010 for the specific role of unifying payroll time and leave.

WV Oasis is administered by the ERP board, consisting of the Governor, State Auditor and State Treasurer. The wvOASIS system processes payroll checks for roughly 60,000 full and part-time employees of West Virginia state agencies.


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