Woman Owned and West Virgnia Proud: Mister Bee Potato Chips

Mr. Bee Potato Chips are the only chips made in West Virginia. Photo by John Clise

By John Clise

West Virginia is home to one, and only one potato chip manufacturer– Mister Bee Potato Chips. They are a beloved tradition of the Mountain State since 1951.

Founded in 1951 by Leo and Sara Klein as a small local business, the company was family-owned until 2010. The brand briefly went out of production before being reopened. The company is under the woman ownership of Mary Anne Ketelson and partners.

Located in Parkersburg, the chip maker remains a favorite snack for those who love great potato chips.

Mister Bee chips go with lunch, dinner, a snack, cook outs, family reunions, Fourth of July gatherings, high school graduations, and any other event or occasion that might come up. They may even go with breakfast. I may have to give it a try.

 Mister Bee potato chips are available in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky as well as online. The come in a variety of tastes including original, sour cream and onion, barbecue, dip style, cheddar sour cream, honey barbecue, jalapeño, and salt and vinegar. They also offer potato sticks.

Many former West Virginians, living out of state, use the online ordering to keep their favorite chips in the cupboard. They also make a great gifts for any occasion and can be ordered online.

No summertime event is complete without a few bags of Mister Bees on the table to go along with hamburgers, hotdogs, and anything else being cooked up on the grill.

I’d say my favorite taste is sour cream and onion. They go really well with chili dogs with cole slaw. Though I wouldn’t say no to any of their great tastes.

They are the perfect amount of crunch for a potato chip, I think. Just the right amount of grease, too, for a potato chip.

I definitely suggest you try them soon.


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