Skeletal Remains May Be Those of Missing Woman

The West Virginia Police are reporting the skeletal remains found in the Seneca Creek area of Monongahela National Forest, in Pendleton County, West Virginia, are believed to be those of Cassie Sheetz, 24, Upper Tract, WV, missing since March 12, 2021, after allegedly being separated from her two male hiking companions.

She was with two men who managed to find their way out but have been very vague in their explanations of what happened to Cassie and where she might be.

The two men, to date, have not been charged with any crimes, according to reports.

On that date, “based on items located” in the northern Seneca Creek area of the forest, troopers believe the remains to be those of Cassie Sheetz.

Law enforcement officials said personal items located with the skeletal remains led them to believe these are possibly the remains of Sheetz.

Reports indicate the remains were found eight miles from where authorities were told to search.

Multiple searches coordinated by the State Police and others organized by Sheetz’s family turned up few clues into her disappearance or whereabouts.

The remains have been sent to the state Medical Examiner’s office in Charleston for an autopsy to identify the remains for certain and possibly determine a cause of death.


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