Brad D. Smith Joins Marshall U. as 38th President of School

Marshall President Brad D. Smith (left) receives a traditional Kelly green jacket from Marshall Board of Governors Chair Patrick Farrell on the steps of Old Main. Photo courtesy of Marshall University.

Press Release

Marshall University’s 38th President Brad D. Smith officially joined the school today, complete with a celebratory donning of a Kelly-green jacket presented by Board of Governors Chairman Patrick Farrell and Vice Chairman Toney Stroud.

Smith’s day began in his Old Main office before dawn where he reviewed the upcoming schedule with his transition team.  Also, on the president’s itinerary today are calls with state and federal officials and meetings with senior administration officials at Marshall.

“The first week on the job is to seek to understand before seeking to be understood,” Smith said. “There’s so much for me to hear from other people.  I have a listening tour scheduled with around 20 different sessions over the next 4-6 weeks and I’ll have the opportunity to get my arms around some of the issues we are all dealing with right now, including COVID.”

Smith was selected as the university’s president after an extensive global search in 2021.  He succeeds Dr. Jerome “Jerry” Gilbert who opted not to renew his contract.


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