Life’s Choices

Photo by Race Opell

By Race Opell


Life begins with dreams of hope and wonder.

Chapter one.

The man behind the desk wearing a tie doing what was expected of him looking forward to three martini lunch finally had enough and put a note on the boss’s door that plainly and simply Won’t be in after lunch, tomorrow or any day ever again.

Chapter two.

Riding down a dusty road, flying around the dark side of the moon, dreaming of rainbows, remembering the simple days of home, a lady sings with perfect pitch, hearts race into the night, familiar sounds creep from the inner chambers of your mind, drifting across the milky way without a care, checking the time even though it makes no difference, the rabbit is already on the run, milk shakes for everyone, no fear left, huddled around a fire, a single solitary light, nothing left to fight for, a mystery man in a tan coat and old hat, last call to board, out of cell range, on the wide open range, reading a think book in the house you grew up in, falling away, ice tea in a tall glass, trumpets blaring everywhere, just a short nap, plane crash, some survivors, brilliant sunrise.


If you’re lucky you can hold on to some of those dreams of hope and wonder.


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