West Virginia International Yeager Airport – Runway Safety Area Environmental Impact Statement to begin with FAA Conducting Geotechnical Borings

WV Press Release Sharing

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia International Yeager Airport (CRW) has proposed to improve the Runway Safety Areas (RSAs) at the Airport and extend Runways 5-23 to the northeast. These improvements allow for full RSAs to meet the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards on both runway ends and to maintain the existing runway length requirements.

The FAA will be initiating an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) later this year (2022) to evaluate project alternatives. The Airport Authority’s proposal would require fill to be placed to the east of the Airport in portions of Coonskin Park. To determine the feasibility of the proposal, the FAA will be conducting geotechnical borings within Coonskin Park to identify existing soil and rock conditions, slope stability concerns, suitability of soil for construction fill, and identify any issues that may impact future development. Sixteen boring locations have been identified within the park, which would be conducted to depths ranging from 50 feet to 150 feet.

Equipment needed to conduct the geotechnical borings will use existing roadways and trails to access the boring sites. The geotechnical boring sites were previously evaluated to avoid any potential archaeological or cultural resources, as well as to avoid or minimize impacts to wetlands and streams. FAA coordinated with the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office and the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources to ensure that the geotechnical borings would not impact any potential sensitive resources in the park. Stormwater and erosion and sediment control efforts will be employed in accordance with requirements of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

The drilling of the geotechnical borings will be conducted from May 25, 2022, through July 1, 2022. Any questions on the geotechnical borings or the EIS process can be directed to the project team via info@yeagerairporteis.com.

About West Virginia International Yeager Airport (CRW): A study done by the West Virginia Aeronautics Commission says CRW is responsible for nearly 3,000 jobs and has a $225-million economic impact in the state. CRW is the largest commercial Airport in West Virginia, with service provided by American, Delta, Spirit, and United Airlines. The Airport’s Organizational Vision is: “To become the most important economic engine for the state through advances in aviation and education.” CRW, in conjunction with the West Virginia National Guard, hosts the Home Base Program. The program works to facilitate military ground, tactical, and air training in West Virginia.



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