Pictorial: Florida’s Historic Camp Helen

Florida’s Camp Helen. Photos by David Taylor.

Camp Helen State Park is a Florida State Park and historic site located west of Panama City Beach, in northwestern Florida. The park is south of U.S. 98 and bounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Powell (one of the largest coastal dune lakes in the state). The park was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 24, 2012.

Purchased in 1928 by Robert E. Hicks, the original 185-acres that is now Camp Helen State Park was used as a family summer retreat before being purchased by the Alabama company, Avondale Textile Mills, which renamed the park Camp Helen and used it as a resort destination for vacationing employees. The historic lodge and associated buildings still stand today and have undergone recent renovations.

Photo by David Taylor.
Photo by David Taylor.
Phillips Inlet. Photo by David Taylor.
US 98 in the background dividing Powell Lake and Phillips Inlet under the moon. Photo by David Taylor.

Caretaker’s residence. Photo by David Taylor.

Rainbow Cottages. Photo by David Taylor.

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