Have Thanksgiving Every Day

Dr. Glenn Mollette Thanksgiving always comes and goes too fast. We often think, “We need more time to focus on the Thanksgiving holiday.” For many, it seems that Thanksgiving gets sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas.  By late September, many of the stores and television commercials are focusing on Christmas. The only way we can fixContinue reading “Have Thanksgiving Every Day”

What Was Dud Thinking?

By Slim Randles “I took Duckworth to the dog show up in the city last weekend,” Dud said. The other members of the Mule Barn truck stop’s world dilemma think tank and philosophy counter just looked at him. Doc put it gently. “Dud, was this so he could get some inspiration on looking good?” DuckworthContinue reading “What Was Dud Thinking?”

Billions spent on the election while Americans struggle

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Total cost of 2022 state and federal midterm elections may have exceeded $16 billion according to a OpenSecrets analysis. Federal candidates and political committees spent over $8 billion while state candidates, party committees, and ballot measure committees spent close to $8 billion. Here are the five most expensive Senate races this year accordingContinue reading “Billions spent on the election while Americans struggle”

Gettin’ That Yearly Flu Shot and Home Remedies

By Slim Randles You get them flu shots ever’ fall? I try not to, but Doc has this year nurse that’s not only stouter’n a streetsweeper, but fleet of foot as well. This year’s Windy, a-course. So, yeah, I prit-nearly allus get one a-them shots each fall. But I been workin’ on a way toContinue reading “Gettin’ That Yearly Flu Shot and Home Remedies”

Thanksgiving and a lifestyle of saying thank you

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Thanksgiving is coming and it’s never out of season to say thank you. Say thank you to your local politicians. The majority of those who pursue an office, lose. Losing is tough and usually expensive. Thank them for their interest in your community or state and for the time they gaveContinue reading “Thanksgiving and a lifestyle of saying thank you”

Election Day and Yard Sign Clutter

By Slim Randles Have you been counting the minutes until election day when your neighbors can remove all those campaign signs from their lawns for another two years? Yes, these are mid-term elections, just as serious as the presidential election yet to come two years from now, but not as interesting. Why not? Because theContinue reading “Election Day and Yard Sign Clutter”

John Fetterman, President Roosevelt and Disability in Public office 

By Glenn Mollette  One of the greatest Presidents of all time was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He served from 1933 to 1945. He led this country and saw us through some of our toughest years. Many say he stands as the greatest President of all time. Ironically, he had a difficult time standing.  Photographs of RooseveltContinue reading “John Fetterman, President Roosevelt and Disability in Public office “

There’s Something to be Said About the Brightness of Day

By Slim Randles There’s something to be said for the brightness of day, of course, when the energies of the world improve our lot in life. But for a special time, give me the night. Give me the soft, velvety quiet of a country evening and its own sounds and flavors and scents. It’s goodContinue reading “There’s Something to be Said About the Brightness of Day”

Halloween – will the real trick or treat be November 8?  

Dr. Glenn Mollette  Halloween is coming but the real trick or treat may be November 8, the mid-term election. November 8 may feel more like Halloween this year than the traditional October date.  Who knows what will happen. Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania all have Senate races that could tilt the balance of Congressional power dependingContinue reading “Halloween – will the real trick or treat be November 8?  “

The Benefits of Being a Cowboy

By Slim Randles “Someday,” said Steve, our resident tall, walrus-moustachioed cowboy, “I’m going to mess around and mix up some paint and when it’s just the right blend, I’ll sell it to people who love beauty and nature to paint the walls of their favorite room in the house.” “What?” said Dud. “I don’t understand.Continue reading “The Benefits of Being a Cowboy”