A Cup of Coffee with Windy Williams and a Poem

By Slim Randles Just having a cup of coffee with Windy Wilson can sometimes be educational. Today? Well… Alphonse Wilson here, just celebratin’ a nice day with poetry. So you’re prolly askin’ yourself, how do you go about writin’ a poem Windy? See, you just gotta sling yerself into a artistical mood. You know, likeContinue reading “A Cup of Coffee with Windy Williams and a Poem”

Mule Barn Philosophy and the Tourist

By Slim Randles Steve, the cowboy on the board of directors of the Mule Barn truck stop’s philosophy counter and world dilemma think tank, swears on his coffee it happened. “Tourist guy got off the train the other day when I was down there picking up a friend,” Steve said. “He asked me if IContinue reading “Mule Barn Philosophy and the Tourist”

The Jones Kid and Mule Barn Mechanics

By Slim Randles It was like buzzards circling a body. The Jones kid, Randy, was out in the Mule Barn parking lot with the hood up on his car. He was staring down into it the way a first-time parachutist would look out the airplane door. You never quite knew for sure what lay ahead.Continue reading “The Jones Kid and Mule Barn Mechanics”

Working Your Way Up the Branding Ladder

By Slim Randles When the Rafter E branded recently, a bunch of us went out to help. There’s a definite pecking order here, and it’s a badge of pride to have worked your way up the branding ladder. As a kid, you flank the calves; you grab them, throw them and hold them down. ThisContinue reading “Working Your Way Up the Branding Ladder”

Veteran Elk Hunters Call It “The Locate Call”

By Slim Randles It’s the music of the Western mountains, and this is the only time we get to hear it. It has a hollow sound, as though a flute were a foot thick and 12-feet long, and it is the lonely call of the bull elk. It starts in early September and by OctoberContinue reading “Veteran Elk Hunters Call It “The Locate Call””

Whispers of a Good Life

By Slim Randles The evening was one of those that come back to you time after time, year after long year. It comes back and whispers of how good life can be when you’re well fed, enjoying life, and a good friend shares the front porch with you on a summer’s evening. It was thatContinue reading “Whispers of a Good Life”

John Clise for WV House of Delegates 64th District Endorsed by #UMWA

I’m happy to announce I have been endorsed by the United Mine Workers of America for the General election. I am most definitely pro union and pro worker. #UMWA I was also fortunate enough to have the #UMWA endorsement in the Primary election this past May. I am supporter of unions and workers in theContinue reading “John Clise for WV House of Delegates 64th District Endorsed by #UMWA”

“From the Cow to the Plow, Dewey,” Windy said… It’s a Business Slogan

By Slim Randles “From the cow to the plow, Dewey,” Windy said, leaning on a shovel. Windy Wilson was on another of his “helper days” and today it was Dewey Decker’s turn to be helped. “What do you mean, Windy?” “You know … a slogan for the business. From the cow to the plow. Fertilizer.Continue reading ““From the Cow to the Plow, Dewey,” Windy said… It’s a Business Slogan”