Clise’s Cornucopia-Welcome!

By John Clise Hello. Welcome to the newest incarnation of Clise’s Cornucopia. I’ve been writing this column in one publication or another for 25 years. We find ourselves here with this column, and anything else I write. I like to share old columns that seem relevant or interesting. In my columns, I write about justContinue reading “Clise’s Cornucopia-Welcome!”

Clise’s Cornucopia-Rolling thoughts.

By John Clise (Editor’s note: I wrote this originally August 23, 2013. Thought I would share some of my old stuff as we get going again. It was completed at 9:44 p.m. that day. It was probably hot out. That’s about all I have for this reflection note.) Chapter one. Born on the wind, livingContinue reading “Clise’s Cornucopia-Rolling thoughts.”