The Melancholy Warrior Poet

(Editor’s note—I wrote this a while back. It’s based on a friend who has since gone on to the other side. The world is most definitely a lesser place without him.) By John Clise     The melancholy warrior poet soldiered on into the unknown. His season of rage was untold at that point. He’d beenContinue reading “The Melancholy Warrior Poet”

Mammoth Caves–One of my favorite places

By John Clise   First, let’s get to the basics of one of my favorite places–Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.    According to the National Park Service, Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest known cave, with more than 400 miles of interconnected passages—so long that if the second and third longest caves in the world were joined together,Continue reading “Mammoth Caves–One of my favorite places”

A Season of Rage/The End of the Innocence

By John Clise    Images of the underdog taking on the establishment, whether it’s Rocky as the undersized heavyweight, or the mysterious cowboy from High Plains Drifter, bring an adrenaline rush to most folks at least for a few minutes before they settle back into their everyday life of their head in the sand existence. Continue reading “A Season of Rage/The End of the Innocence”

Une Saison en Enfer or L’ amore di una vita presa troppo presto

By John Clise Bathed in the golden sunlight In sunflowers and daisies She did lay openly Monuments to war nearby Some set for decades Others freshly plowed Row after row of names Though she stares only at one And the child in her arms Overwhelming silence As the wind whips the flowers And the babyContinue reading “Une Saison en Enfer or L’ amore di una vita presa troppo presto”

Living Life from the Window

(Editor’s note: This creative writing exercise may contain trigger words. No offense is intended) By John Clise A man lives his life like warm summer afternoon seeing everything with one eye open and the other shut. It makes people wonder what’s going on, not that they pay any attention to him unless he’s in aContinue reading “Living Life from the Window”

The Life of a Light Heavyweight

By John Clise You’re a light heavyweight in the battle of your life against a heavyweight bruiser. Your legs feel like lead. Your feet are like bricks. Your arms are like tree trunks. Your vision is blurry. You’re cut over and under your eye. Standing in between the ninth and tenth round you hear yourContinue reading “The Life of a Light Heavyweight”