The Cat Called Bob– My Bird Friend Came to Visit

By The Cat Called Bob I was sitting in the front window last week watching the clouds go by when I suddenly dozed off. I was dreaming about chasing my brother and sisters through the woods on a sunny day. We were having such a fun time jumping over logs; climbing trees; looking at ourselvesContinue reading “The Cat Called Bob– My Bird Friend Came to Visit”

The Rainy Day Memories-creative writing

By John Clise In a nearly empty room, above an out of business dry cleaner, he sat quietly on a worn out orange couch watching a black and white TV through the window of an apartment across the alley. He couldn’t really hear the audio very well but he could see the grainy picture and that kept himContinue reading “The Rainy Day Memories-creative writing”

Our trip to Gobbler’s Knob- Travel news

My wife, Rebecca, and I took a trip Gobbler’s Knob to celebrate Groundhog Day with Punxsutawney Phil back in 2014. It was a fantastic time. If you haven’t been before you should really check it out. What a fun time.   We arrived at 4:30 a.m. to a crowd of more than 10,000 already there andContinue reading “Our trip to Gobbler’s Knob- Travel news”

Clise’s Cornucopia– Songs on the Radio

I heard the song Carrie Ann by the Hollies on the radio a few days ago and was transported back to 1975 immediately.   My friends and I used to listen to that song along with The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace and Billy Don’t be a Hero by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods every day after school. Oddly, Billy Don’t beContinue reading “Clise’s Cornucopia– Songs on the Radio”

The Arena: Are worthy battles forever lost

By John Clise (Editor’s note: I wrote this March 6, 2013. I think part of it is still valid. It’s an opinion I had at the time. My perspective may have changed a bit over the past seven years. It’s a constant struggle for people who want things to be better. I think that mayContinue reading “The Arena: Are worthy battles forever lost”

Clise’s Cornucopia-Welcome!

By John Clise Hello. Welcome to the newest incarnation of Clise’s Cornucopia. I’ve been writing this column in one publication or another for 25 years. We find ourselves here with this column, and anything else I write. I like to share old columns that seem relevant or interesting. In my columns, I write about justContinue reading “Clise’s Cornucopia-Welcome!”

Clise’s Cornucopia-Rolling thoughts.

By John Clise (Editor’s note: I wrote this originally August 23, 2013. Thought I would share some of my old stuff as we get going again. It was completed at 9:44 p.m. that day. It was probably hot out. That’s about all I have for this reflection note.) Chapter one. Born on the wind, livingContinue reading “Clise’s Cornucopia-Rolling thoughts.”