The Benefits of Being a Cowboy

By Slim Randles “Someday,” said Steve, our resident tall, walrus-moustachioed cowboy, “I’m going to mess around and mix up some paint and when it’s just the right blend, I’ll sell it to people who love beauty and nature to paint the walls of their favorite room in the house.” “What?” said Dud. “I don’t understand.Continue reading “The Benefits of Being a Cowboy”

“From the Cow to the Plow, Dewey,” Windy said… It’s a Business Slogan

By Slim Randles “From the cow to the plow, Dewey,” Windy said, leaning on a shovel. Windy Wilson was on another of his “helper days” and today it was Dewey Decker’s turn to be helped. “What do you mean, Windy?” “You know … a slogan for the business. From the cow to the plow. Fertilizer.Continue reading ““From the Cow to the Plow, Dewey,” Windy said… It’s a Business Slogan”

Dud and His Old Truck

Slim Randles Dud was heading home in his pickup truck when he saw the strange goings-on at the Bahdziewicz place. Abraham Lincoln Bahdziewicz was out in the family’s large garden with a full complement of kids who were happily hopping around. Some of the kids came from the neighborhood, but most of them were homegrownContinue reading “Dud and His Old Truck”

Prince Julip, Snow and the Old Man

By John Clise After a short struggle to rotate the couch in front of the window the old man laid down with his beloved feline Prince Julip. The two were snuggled up warm watching the snow out the window. Prince Julip was once a neighborhood scrapper of a cat handing out beatings like candy. HeContinue reading “Prince Julip, Snow and the Old Man”

Home Country– Seven, So Far

By Slim Randles It was a contemplative kind of morning,with each member of the vaunted World Dilemma Think Tank seeming content to think silently for a change, just sipping on the coffee refills and waiting for Loretta to bring more. Steve, the professional cowboy of the bunch, was reading the house copy of the ValleyContinue reading “Home Country– Seven, So Far”

The Life of the Night Sky

By John Clise I sat watching the moon move across the night sky. The wind was warm coming in from the southwest, and my senses were alive. The clouds were rolling across the velvet sky lit by the full moon. Looking out I saw a cactus blooming in the night. Something like moonflowers I’d seenContinue reading “The Life of the Night Sky”

The Squirrel in the Park

By John Clise The old man sat on the park bench watching the leaves dance in the wind as the sun shined brightly down on the summer day. It warmed his face while he ate slices of cold pizza, he’d gotten out of a plastic bag he carried in an oversized brown leather shoulder bag.Continue reading “The Squirrel in the Park”

Christmas Card Memories

By John Clise The old man sat quietly in his apartment looking through a big box of Christmas cards as he did each holiday season. He’d managed to hold on to every Christmas card he’d gotten since 1969. There were fewer these days as friends and colleagues had passed on. Those cards, though, some sentContinue reading “Christmas Card Memories”