Out In This Heat…

By Slim Randles “Now Mamie,” said Windy Wilson, “the reason I expurgated myself over here to your place was to see how you was a-doin’ in this year heat.” Mamie Dilworth refilled his iced tea glass, smiled at the old cowboy and camp cook. “Well, that’s awfully nice of you, Windy. I’m fine. Tired ofContinue reading “Out In This Heat…”

Don’t Miss Celebrating Mother’s Day

By Dr. Glenn Mollette Celebrate Mother’s Day anyway you can but don’t miss the opportunity to honor mom. The opportunities pass us by. While mom is alive is the time to do something for her. Too often someone dies, and we want to make sure we attend their funeral and buy flowers. We talk aboutContinue reading “Don’t Miss Celebrating Mother’s Day”

Catching Up with an Old Friend

By John Clise I was standing on a street corner in my Sunday best all the way down to my gold toed cowboy boots and string tie smoking a cigarette for the first time in 20 years. Just as I leaned against a street sign pole someone yelled from a car window that smoking wouldContinue reading “Catching Up with an Old Friend”

Warm Summer Nights and County Fairs

By John Clise Hanging out at the county fair, listening to Billy Joel, watching pretty girls walk by in the summer 1982. There’s a warm breeze blowing through the sweet Midwestern night. Waving at friends passing by. It was still cool to smoke back then even though it was killing us just the same. ChewingContinue reading “Warm Summer Nights and County Fairs”

Our Nostalgia Trek to #Rax in Ironton, Ohio

By John Clise This past summer Rebecca planned a great day trip to Ironton, Ohio so that we could eat at a Rax Restaurant. Rax is a childhood favorite of ours, though it was in two different states. Mine was in Vincennes, Indiana, and hers was in Weston, West Virginia. I didn’t know there wereContinue reading “Our Nostalgia Trek to #Rax in Ironton, Ohio”

Home Country: A Time for Sweetness

By Slim Randles There is a nighttime sweetness and hope that hovers over us this time of year here at home. This is a time for summing up and looking ahead … and a time for dreams. And at night… ah, that’s the time, isn’t it? Outside it’s dark, December dark, and we’re inside andContinue reading “Home Country: A Time for Sweetness”

#BuzzButteredSteaks: An Appalachian Delight

By John Clise Growing up in West Virginia one of my favorite things for dinner was a Buzz Buttered Steak. I think it was that delicious pat of butter that came on top of every frozen patty that intrigued me as a kid. I always asked mom to put a butter pat on hamburgers sheContinue reading “#BuzzButteredSteaks: An Appalachian Delight”

Elvis the Singing Beagle

By John Clise Elvis was my sweetheart. He left this world far too soon. His canine companion, Priscilla, lived to be 22 years old. She was a Feist. Since she was only about 12 inches tall on her tip toes… I called her foot stool. Elvis’ bay/howl could be heard a good three quarters ofContinue reading “Elvis the Singing Beagle”

What She Saw in Almost 100 Years of Life

By John Clise Aunt Rene had a lot of stories to tell as I was growing up and when I was an adult. I think I appreciate her stories more as an adult than I did as a kid. I think as a kid I was just more intent on getting outside to play withContinue reading “What She Saw in Almost 100 Years of Life”

Remember Mail Pouch Tobacco Barns?

By Dusty Shelf Mail Pouch Tobacco advertisements on barns are as much a part of American history as baseball, lemonade and parades. A multitude of painters covered 22 states from the 1890s until the early 1990s when the last painter finally hung up his brush. I’ve seen plenty of these treasured barns in the courseContinue reading “Remember Mail Pouch Tobacco Barns?”