Light and Strength for Christmas

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  When I was a child at Tomahawk Elementary School in Martin County, Kentucky there were many kids who got little to nothing for Christmas. I had classmates who I would never ask if they got anything for Christmas because I already knew the answer. Some of these kids were just gladContinue reading “Light and Strength for Christmas”

Christmas rest and peace 

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Christmas is a good time to catch up on your pumpkin pie eating. Pecan pie seems readily available so this too is a good option. Try to drink one glass of eggnog during the season of joy. Eggnog does have some calories and fat grams but one glass won’t hurt youContinue reading “Christmas rest and peace “

Christmas Is In Your Heart

By Dr. Glenn Mollette Christmas once started for me when the JC Penny and Sears catalogs came in the mail. They came early in the Fall and I wore them out looking at the toy section. By December the catalogs where in shambles.  My mother used to order clothes and other stuff from those catalogs.Continue reading “Christmas Is In Your Heart”

Have Thanksgiving Every Day

Dr. Glenn Mollette Thanksgiving always comes and goes too fast. We often think, “We need more time to focus on the Thanksgiving holiday.” For many, it seems that Thanksgiving gets sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas.  By late September, many of the stores and television commercials are focusing on Christmas. The only way we can fixContinue reading “Have Thanksgiving Every Day”

Finding hope and life before death 

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Most of us have wondered about life beyond the grave. Many today are in search of life before the grave. Given what many people traditionally believe about heaven, eternity and life beyond, it would certainly seem very valuable to think about a life beyond. However, what about life here? The UkrainianContinue reading “Finding hope and life before death “

Somehow, Some Way, May This Be a #Christmas Worth Remembering

And Childhood Memories of Christmas By Dr. Glen Mollette  We had difficulties when we were growing up in Martin county, Kentucky but overall, we thought we were doing okay. President Lyndon Johnson came to Inez, Kentucky in 1964 to let us know we weren’t doing very well. He began his campaign in our community andContinue reading “Somehow, Some Way, May This Be a #Christmas Worth Remembering”

Former Reality Television Personality Josh Duggar Convicted for Downloading and Possessing Child Sexual Abuse Material

 A federal jury convicted an Arkansas man today for receiving and possessing material depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Joshua James Duggar, 33, of Springdale, repeatedly downloaded and viewed images and videos depicting the sexual abuse of children, including images of prepubescent children and depictionsContinue reading “Former Reality Television Personality Josh Duggar Convicted for Downloading and Possessing Child Sexual Abuse Material”

Is God Mad at You?

By Dr. Glenn Mollette We all may have some issues with the past. Past problems, past mistakes, past sins, past decisions and past ignorance. We live and we learn if we are fortunate enough to live. Sadly, too many obituaries are of young adults who were barely starting life. Some young adults don’t think thatContinue reading “Is God Mad at You?”