The Valley Weekly Miracle

By Slim Randles Dud was awfully quiet all through the daily dissemination of anything on page one of the Valley Weekly Miracle, which wasn’t like him at all. Just sucked down caffeine and silently shook his head now and then. “Anita okay, Dud?” “Oh … sure, Doc.” “You okay?” He nodded, then looked up withContinue reading “The Valley Weekly Miracle”

Windy Visits Doc Fer Fear of the Plague

By Slim Randles “No, Doc,” Windy said, “don’t hurt or nothin’ like that, but you know, with all the plagues goin’ on right now, figgered it’s better to be safe than … “ “Sorry?” “I ain’t never sorry I come to see ya, Doc. You know that. Fell to sleep t’other night when all themContinue reading “Windy Visits Doc Fer Fear of the Plague”

What Was Dud Thinking?

By Slim Randles “I took Duckworth to the dog show up in the city last weekend,” Dud said. The other members of the Mule Barn truck stop’s world dilemma think tank and philosophy counter just looked at him. Doc put it gently. “Dud, was this so he could get some inspiration on looking good?” DuckworthContinue reading “What Was Dud Thinking?”

Gettin’ That Yearly Flu Shot and Home Remedies

By Slim Randles You get them flu shots ever’ fall? I try not to, but Doc has this year nurse that’s not only stouter’n a streetsweeper, but fleet of foot as well. This year’s Windy, a-course. So, yeah, I prit-nearly allus get one a-them shots each fall. But I been workin’ on a way toContinue reading “Gettin’ That Yearly Flu Shot and Home Remedies”

Election Day and Yard Sign Clutter

By Slim Randles Have you been counting the minutes until election day when your neighbors can remove all those campaign signs from their lawns for another two years? Yes, these are mid-term elections, just as serious as the presidential election yet to come two years from now, but not as interesting. Why not? Because theContinue reading “Election Day and Yard Sign Clutter”

The Unlikely Friendship of Delbert McLain and Marvin Pincus

Slim Randles Delbert McLain was seen going into Marvin Pincus’s house the other evening. We wondered on it a bit, because those two were less likely to become friends than any other two people in the valley. But Marvin, an old curmudgeon, is an amazing tier of fishing flies, and Delbert, who thinks blizzards areContinue reading “The Unlikely Friendship of Delbert McLain and Marvin Pincus”

Out In This Heat…

By Slim Randles “Now Mamie,” said Windy Wilson, “the reason I expurgated myself over here to your place was to see how you was a-doin’ in this year heat.” Mamie Dilworth refilled his iced tea glass, smiled at the old cowboy and camp cook. “Well, that’s awfully nice of you, Windy. I’m fine. Tired ofContinue reading “Out In This Heat…”

When the heat falls hard

By Slim Randles When the world is hot and my skin is fried, scratching from the constant dry, let the clouds boil up, boil up high. And then shade the earth with the darkening sky and bring the secrets and the smell of rain. The coolness and the blessed rain, again. Our land is brownContinue reading “When the heat falls hard”

Windy Wilson Is at It Again

By Slim Randles The funny little car with the speakers on the roof drove slowly down Main Street once again. “Hi folks,” came the voice of Windy Wilson. “Can you hear me okay this morning?” Doc was in front of the drugstore and shook his head. “They can hear him okay in Temecula.” “Our newestContinue reading “Windy Wilson Is at It Again”

Home Country: The Best Fortunes in Town

By Slim Randles “Folks and friends and neighborly people,” came the loudspeaker blaring of the official car of the Gates of Heaven restaurant. “This year’s your ol’ pal Alphonse Wilson … but you know they call me Windy … bringin’ the latest in news of fine Chinese cousin and other newsy stuff.” Folks came outContinue reading “Home Country: The Best Fortunes in Town”