Light and Strength for Christmas

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  When I was a child at Tomahawk Elementary School in Martin County, Kentucky there were many kids who got little to nothing for Christmas. I had classmates who I would never ask if they got anything for Christmas because I already knew the answer. Some of these kids were just gladContinue reading “Light and Strength for Christmas”

Christmas rest and peace 

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Christmas is a good time to catch up on your pumpkin pie eating. Pecan pie seems readily available so this too is a good option. Try to drink one glass of eggnog during the season of joy. Eggnog does have some calories and fat grams but one glass won’t hurt youContinue reading “Christmas rest and peace “

Christmas Is In Your Heart

By Dr. Glenn Mollette Christmas once started for me when the JC Penny and Sears catalogs came in the mail. They came early in the Fall and I wore them out looking at the toy section. By December the catalogs where in shambles.  My mother used to order clothes and other stuff from those catalogs.Continue reading “Christmas Is In Your Heart”

Christmas at the Rest Home

By Slim Randles Mabel Adams was sitting in the day room at the Rest of Your Life retirement home when the children came in. She smiled and so did all the others in the room except for two who didn’t know what was going on. The old-timers in the home knew the kids were comingContinue reading “Christmas at the Rest Home”

Gift ideas for #Christmas   

By Dr. Glen Mollette This Christmas give somebody the gift of mercy and forgiveness. Be broad with your giving and generous. We all need a lot of both. For such a joyful holiday of cheer, giving and yuletide merriment there is much to be stressed about. Typically, people have been stressed about all the holiday parties,Continue reading “Gift ideas for #Christmas   “

Holiday Fire Safety to Avoid Disaster

Only use decorations that are flame-retardant or not flammable. Check holiday lights each year for frayed wires or excessive wear. Don’t link more than three strands of holiday lights. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Consider using battery-operated flameless candles. Keep your live Christmas tree away from heat sources and room exits. Water your liveContinue reading “Holiday Fire Safety to Avoid Disaster”

Christmas Card Memories

By John Clise The old man sat quietly in his apartment looking through a big box of Christmas cards as he did each holiday season. He’d managed to hold on to every Christmas card he’d gotten since 1969. There were fewer these days as friends and colleagues had passed on. Those cards, though, some sentContinue reading “Christmas Card Memories”

First Lady Cathy Justice unveils official 2021 Christmas Ornament

CHARLESTON, WV – First Lady Cathy Justice joined West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History Curator Randall Reid-Smith have to the official 2021 Limited Edition Christmas Ornament. This year’s ornament was made by Beckley glass artist, John DesMeules. “This is our fifth year designing an ornament that is completely handmade in West Virginia. I’m proud ofContinue reading “First Lady Cathy Justice unveils official 2021 Christmas Ornament”