Alphonse Wilson Verbosifyin’ Here

By Slim Randles Alphonse Wilson verbosifyin’ here, once again. Need to talk a bit ‘bout names. Some of you might know me by my nickelname, Windy. Now you might think at first that I come about that name ‘cause I’ve been known to verbulate quite a bit, and I have to remit here that IContinue reading “Alphonse Wilson Verbosifyin’ Here”

Light and Strength for Christmas

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  When I was a child at Tomahawk Elementary School in Martin County, Kentucky there were many kids who got little to nothing for Christmas. I had classmates who I would never ask if they got anything for Christmas because I already knew the answer. Some of these kids were just gladContinue reading “Light and Strength for Christmas”

The Valley Weekly Miracle

By Slim Randles Dud was awfully quiet all through the daily dissemination of anything on page one of the Valley Weekly Miracle, which wasn’t like him at all. Just sucked down caffeine and silently shook his head now and then. “Anita okay, Dud?” “Oh … sure, Doc.” “You okay?” He nodded, then looked up withContinue reading “The Valley Weekly Miracle”

USDA Launches New Virtual Nutrition Center of Excellence

TUSKEGEE, Ala., Dec. 12, 2022 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today that the Biden-Harris Administration, through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing an additional $325 million for 71 projects under the second funding pool of the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities effort, bringing the total investment from both funding pools to over $3.1 billion for 141 tentativelyContinue reading “USDA Launches New Virtual Nutrition Center of Excellence”

Celine Dion, Kirstie Alley, Christmas, good news and bad

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Award winning actress Kirstie Alley was diagnosed with cancer shortly before her untimely death at the young age of 71. Grammy award winning Celine Dion has recently been diagnosed with a neurological disease called Stiff Person Syndrome. The disease attacks about one in a million and is a very debilitating disease.  SheContinue reading “Celine Dion, Kirstie Alley, Christmas, good news and bad”

Windy Visits Doc Fer Fear of the Plague

By Slim Randles “No, Doc,” Windy said, “don’t hurt or nothin’ like that, but you know, with all the plagues goin’ on right now, figgered it’s better to be safe than … “ “Sorry?” “I ain’t never sorry I come to see ya, Doc. You know that. Fell to sleep t’other night when all themContinue reading “Windy Visits Doc Fer Fear of the Plague”

Christmas rest and peace 

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Christmas is a good time to catch up on your pumpkin pie eating. Pecan pie seems readily available so this too is a good option. Try to drink one glass of eggnog during the season of joy. Eggnog does have some calories and fat grams but one glass won’t hurt youContinue reading “Christmas rest and peace “

Doc’s Thinking Back…

By Slim Randles Every now and then, thought Doc, that opportunity comes back to haunt me. Like it is right now on this crisp morning walk. It came early in his medical life, an invitation to join with a famous big hospital Back East. He’d make more money, he knew, and there was the seductiveContinue reading “Doc’s Thinking Back…”

Christmas Is In Your Heart

By Dr. Glenn Mollette Christmas once started for me when the JC Penny and Sears catalogs came in the mail. They came early in the Fall and I wore them out looking at the toy section. By December the catalogs where in shambles.  My mother used to order clothes and other stuff from those catalogs.Continue reading “Christmas Is In Your Heart”

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Slim Randles Happy Thanksgiving, world! One of my favorite days, but I couldn’t tell you why … exactly. Oh, it’s time to get the clan together around the table and compliment Grandma on how yummy the world’s dumbest bird is this year, like always. The complete stupidity of the turkey is legendary. Of course,Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”