Make Today a Good One!

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Let’s all try to spend today and the rest of our lives more wisely. With rising inflation, we are all having to spend our hard-earned paychecks with care. Life is the same. We have less life today than yesterday. We don’t have as much life to spend today. We are allContinue reading “Make Today a Good One!”

A Father and a child can make a great family

By Dr. Glenn Mollette   Father’s Day is coming one more time and you still have a chance at having a great family.  Fathers like most all people have good days and bad days. They have great seasons of life and some that are more difficult. Few fathers will look back over their lives and say,Continue reading “A Father and a child can make a great family”

Protecting our children from the shooters

Dr. Glenn Mollette Most federal career politicians end up very wealthy. They make good salaries. They have great health insurance and very nice retirement packages. They typically develop political action committees that cover expenses the government doesn’t pay. When they retire, they can donate campaign funds they have accumulated throughout the years to their ownContinue reading “Protecting our children from the shooters”

More mass killings, what is the answer?

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Do parents in America want to spend every school day hoping and praying their children will not be heinously murdered? Do children want to spend their days constantly looking up to see who might be entering their room with an assault weapon? Do you want to walk the grocery store aislesContinue reading “More mass killings, what is the answer?”

Why did Memorial Day Change?

Dr. Glenn Mollette  Decoration Day was observed on May 30th from 1868 to 1970 to decorate the graves and honor those dying in military service for our country. In 1971 Congress officially made the last Monday in May Memorial Day.   On this day, Americans take time to pay respect and decorate the graves of ourContinue reading “Why did Memorial Day Change?”

Naomi Judd, Suicide and life’s appointment

Caution this column contains discussion of suicide and mental health. By Dr. Glenn Mollette  We’ve all heard of people who have taken their lives by suicide. We typically wonder why? We wonder what was so bad about their lives that they could not cope another day?  We were shocked by the sudden death of NaomiContinue reading “Naomi Judd, Suicide and life’s appointment”

Buffalo, Laguna Woods, Houston – the world gets crazier every day

Dr. Glenn Mollette  A good person did not enter a grocery store in Buffalo, New York killing ten people and wounding multiple others.  A good person did not enter a church in Laguna Woods, California wounding many and killing one person. A good person did not enter a Houston, Texas flee market killing two and woundingContinue reading “Buffalo, Laguna Woods, Houston – the world gets crazier every day”

Don’t Miss Celebrating Mother’s Day

By Dr. Glenn Mollette Celebrate Mother’s Day anyway you can but don’t miss the opportunity to honor mom. The opportunities pass us by. While mom is alive is the time to do something for her. Too often someone dies, and we want to make sure we attend their funeral and buy flowers. We talk aboutContinue reading “Don’t Miss Celebrating Mother’s Day”

Finding hope and life before death 

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Most of us have wondered about life beyond the grave. Many today are in search of life before the grave. Given what many people traditionally believe about heaven, eternity and life beyond, it would certainly seem very valuable to think about a life beyond. However, what about life here? The UkrainianContinue reading “Finding hope and life before death “

Bad Jokes and Slapping People

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  In a civil, polite society we shouldn’t run around slapping comedians, politicians, radio or television personalities, or musical performers. The list goes on and includes everyone. Will Smith’s stunt of slapping comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars was a bad idea. It was only by the grace of God andContinue reading “Bad Jokes and Slapping People”