“From the Cow to the Plow, Dewey,” Windy said… It’s a Business Slogan

By Slim Randles “From the cow to the plow, Dewey,” Windy said, leaning on a shovel. Windy Wilson was on another of his “helper days” and today it was Dewey Decker’s turn to be helped. “What do you mean, Windy?” “You know … a slogan for the business. From the cow to the plow. Fertilizer.Continue reading ““From the Cow to the Plow, Dewey,” Windy said… It’s a Business Slogan”

Dud and His Old Truck

Slim Randles Dud was heading home in his pickup truck when he saw the strange goings-on at the Bahdziewicz place. Abraham Lincoln Bahdziewicz was out in the family’s large garden with a full complement of kids who were happily hopping around. Some of the kids came from the neighborhood, but most of them were homegrownContinue reading “Dud and His Old Truck”

The Unlikely Friendship of Delbert McLain and Marvin Pincus

Slim Randles Delbert McLain was seen going into Marvin Pincus’s house the other evening. We wondered on it a bit, because those two were less likely to become friends than any other two people in the valley. But Marvin, an old curmudgeon, is an amazing tier of fishing flies, and Delbert, who thinks blizzards areContinue reading “The Unlikely Friendship of Delbert McLain and Marvin Pincus”

Out In This Heat…

By Slim Randles “Now Mamie,” said Windy Wilson, “the reason I expurgated myself over here to your place was to see how you was a-doin’ in this year heat.” Mamie Dilworth refilled his iced tea glass, smiled at the old cowboy and camp cook. “Well, that’s awfully nice of you, Windy. I’m fine. Tired ofContinue reading “Out In This Heat…”

When the heat falls hard

By Slim Randles When the world is hot and my skin is fried, scratching from the constant dry, let the clouds boil up, boil up high. And then shade the earth with the darkening sky and bring the secrets and the smell of rain. The coolness and the blessed rain, again. Our land is brownContinue reading “When the heat falls hard”

Windy Wilson please come up here on the stage with us

By Slim Randles “Before we begin our regular commencement tonight,” said combined elementary/high school principal Jim Albertson, “we have a special award to present. Will Windy Wilson please come up here on the stage with us?” Windy looked up at the stage in the gymnasium and all he saw were black choir robes and smiles.Continue reading “Windy Wilson please come up here on the stage with us”

It was just one of those things…

By Slim Randles It was just one of those things. It didn’t really mean Marvin Pincus had lost his mind. Consider this yourself for a minute. Marvin had opened the mail that morning and in it was the Fenwick glass fly rod he’d ordered. Oh, it was used, of course. But there’s a feel toContinue reading “It was just one of those things…”

Let’s get your day started down at the Mule Barn

By Slim Randles Windy’s friends and neighbors started the day off as usual, smiles and waves to each other. But then a change occurred when they heard the first announcement on the Gates of Heaven Chinese Restaurant’s loudspeaker car. “Let’s get your day started down at the Mule Barn with a short stack and aContinue reading “Let’s get your day started down at the Mule Barn”

Well that about tears it!

By Slim Randles “Well that about tears it!” said Steve, twitching his walrus moustache. “How do they expect a guy to get by when they tell him what to do and to send money and re-up every dang thing in your billfold. It ain’t right!” We hadn’t seen our favorite cowboy so worked up overContinue reading “Well that about tears it!”

Windy Wilson Is at It Again

By Slim Randles The funny little car with the speakers on the roof drove slowly down Main Street once again. “Hi folks,” came the voice of Windy Wilson. “Can you hear me okay this morning?” Doc was in front of the drugstore and shook his head. “They can hear him okay in Temecula.” “Our newestContinue reading “Windy Wilson Is at It Again”