#HomeCountry: Doc Made the Valley Weekly Miracle

By Slim Randles It wasn’t like this idea just popped into his head all at once. Great notions often take time to fester, you know. It was like that with Windy Wilson a couple of weeks back. Our semi-legendary cowboy, camp cook, and storyteller might have seen this coming on, but we missed the signs.Continue reading “#HomeCountry: Doc Made the Valley Weekly Miracle”

The Cat Called Bob– My Bird Friend Came to Visit

By The Cat Called Bob I was sitting in the front window last week watching the clouds go by when I suddenly dozed off. I was dreaming about chasing my brother and sisters through the woods on a sunny day. We were having such a fun time jumping over logs; climbing trees; looking at ourselvesContinue reading “The Cat Called Bob– My Bird Friend Came to Visit”