John Clise for WV House of Delegates 64th District Endorsed by #UMWA

I’m happy to announce I have been endorsed by the United Mine Workers of America for the General election. I am most definitely pro union and pro worker. #UMWA I was also fortunate enough to have the #UMWA endorsement in the Primary election this past May. I am supporter of unions and workers in theContinue reading “John Clise for WV House of Delegates 64th District Endorsed by #UMWA”

 Ohio’s Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area is the Wayne National Forest is a Premier Destination

Ohio’s Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area is the Wayne National Forest’s premier developed recreation site and is named after the historic Vesuvius Iron Furnace. The rugged hills and out-cropping cliffs provide a scenic backdrop for this historical and beautiful site. It contains a 143-acre lake, two family campgrounds and one group campground, beach and swim area,Continue reading ” Ohio’s Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area is the Wayne National Forest is a Premier Destination”

EDITORIAL: West Virginia’s Unemployment Now at Record Lows According to Governor

By John Clise According to a recent press release from Gov. Jim Justice, he announced “that West Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased to 3.9 percent for February 2022; breaking the all-time record for the lowest unemployment rate recorded in state history for the 5th consecutive month.” Well, if that’s indeed true, that’s great newsContinue reading “EDITORIAL: West Virginia’s Unemployment Now at Record Lows According to Governor”

Prince Julip, Snow and the Old Man

By John Clise After a short struggle to rotate the couch in front of the window the old man laid down with his beloved feline Prince Julip. The two were snuggled up warm watching the snow out the window. Prince Julip was once a neighborhood scrapper of a cat handing out beatings like candy. HeContinue reading “Prince Julip, Snow and the Old Man”

Catching Up with an Old Friend

By John Clise I was standing on a street corner in my Sunday best all the way down to my gold toed cowboy boots and string tie smoking a cigarette for the first time in 20 years. Just as I leaned against a street sign pole someone yelled from a car window that smoking wouldContinue reading “Catching Up with an Old Friend”

Warm Summer Nights and County Fairs

By John Clise Hanging out at the county fair, listening to Billy Joel, watching pretty girls walk by in the summer 1982. There’s a warm breeze blowing through the sweet Midwestern night. Waving at friends passing by. It was still cool to smoke back then even though it was killing us just the same. ChewingContinue reading “Warm Summer Nights and County Fairs”

Rock Cave, WV: Flourishing Historic Community

By John Clise The thriving community of Rock Cave, with a population of approximately 1,000 people, is an unincorporated community in southern Upshur County, West Virginia, United States, located at the junction of WV Route 4 and WV Route 20. Throughout the community’s long and rich history, Rock Cave has been known as Bob Town, Centerville, and Centreville, among others. According to historical accounts, its nameContinue reading “Rock Cave, WV: Flourishing Historic Community”

The Appalachian Trail

By John Clise The Appalachian Trail is quite a wonderous adventure to undertake so I have been told. I’ve taken a few short hikes on the 2,200-mile trail that spans from Georgia to Maine. More than 2 million people are said to take a hike on part of the trail at least once each year.Continue reading “The Appalachian Trail”

Our Nostalgia Trek to #Rax in Ironton, Ohio

By John Clise This past summer Rebecca planned a great day trip to Ironton, Ohio so that we could eat at a Rax Restaurant. Rax is a childhood favorite of ours, though it was in two different states. Mine was in Vincennes, Indiana, and hers was in Weston, West Virginia. I didn’t know there wereContinue reading “Our Nostalgia Trek to #Rax in Ironton, Ohio”

The Life of the Night Sky

By John Clise I sat watching the moon move across the night sky. The wind was warm coming in from the southwest, and my senses were alive. The clouds were rolling across the velvet sky lit by the full moon. Looking out I saw a cactus blooming in the night. Something like moonflowers I’d seenContinue reading “The Life of the Night Sky”