Happy Thanksgiving!

By Slim Randles Happy Thanksgiving, world! One of my favorite days, but I couldn’t tell you why … exactly. Oh, it’s time to get the clan together around the table and compliment Grandma on how yummy the world’s dumbest bird is this year, like always. The complete stupidity of the turkey is legendary. Of course,Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Have Thanksgiving Every Day

Dr. Glenn Mollette Thanksgiving always comes and goes too fast. We often think, “We need more time to focus on the Thanksgiving holiday.” For many, it seems that Thanksgiving gets sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas.  By late September, many of the stores and television commercials are focusing on Christmas. The only way we can fixContinue reading “Have Thanksgiving Every Day”

Thanksgiving and a lifestyle of saying thank you

By Dr. Glenn Mollette  Thanksgiving is coming and it’s never out of season to say thank you. Say thank you to your local politicians. The majority of those who pursue an office, lose. Losing is tough and usually expensive. Thank them for their interest in your community or state and for the time they gaveContinue reading “Thanksgiving and a lifestyle of saying thank you”

Home Country: “It’s a danged shame ‘bout Thanksgivin’,” Windy Wilson said…

By Slim Randles “It’s a danged shame ‘bout Thanksgivin’,” Windy Wilson said. The others stopped stirring things into their coffee cups and looked at the aging cowboy and camp cook. Windy glanced at the semi-circle of puzzled faces there in the Mule Barn coffee shop. “You know what I mean … ‘stead of people weContinue reading “Home Country: “It’s a danged shame ‘bout Thanksgivin’,” Windy Wilson said…”