The Garbageman Perplexes Me

The Cat Called Bob relaxing. Staff photo.

By The Cat Called Bob

The garbageman comes every week in a big green and white truck to take the garbage away. The back part where the garbage goes is green. The front part where he sits is white. He always comes in the middle of the night to take the garbage away. I’m not sure why he comes at night and not during the day. It seems like daytime would make it easier to see things, and probably warmer in the winter.

So, anyway, he comes every week like I said and dumps the garbage in the back of his truck and takes it away. I’m not sure where it all goes. Hopefully no where causing outdoor animals any trouble.

He doesn’t seem to have any trouble with the two cans the humans here set out. One is tan with no lid. It had a blue lid but that lid was run over by a car and torn up. The other can is black with a black lid. The black can has a broken wheel. Some other garbage man threw from the street back onto the driveway and it broke. There was a another black trash can with a black lid but it blew away one day in a storm.

I was sitting there in the window with a few of the other cats that live here watching the storm. We were all ready to hide under the couch when this wind just seemed like it came out of no where and scooped that poor can up and took it away. It just sailed away to not be seen again.

The humans here went looking for it. Most of the neighbors were out looking for their garbage cans too. And outside chairs. It was a big wind.

I just can’t figure out why he picks up garbage in the middle of the night. His truck is loud, and makes a beeping sound whenever it backs up. It doesn’t bother me. I just would think getting it all during when it’s light out would be easier.

I’m not much for the dark though. That could be my problem with it all. I wasn’t ever outside or in the dark. I know cats are supposed to like the dark and all of that, but I’m just not that kind of cat. I stick close to the night lights at night.

The garbageman is driving and walking around in the dark, and he’s outside. He must be pretty brave to go out in the dark like that. I hope he gets paid a lot.

Well, I’m getting a little sleepy. I think I’d better go lay down for a nap. I see sun rays coming through the window. Sun rays are so warm.

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