The Unjust Mistreatment of Donald Trump

President Donald J. Trump

By Race Opell- Guest Columnist

What we are seeing is the complete and total mistreatment of a man who has done nothing but make every effort to help make America Great Again.

He tried to secure our borders, just as many others countries around the world do. He attempted bringing jobs back to America. He wanted to protect America’s best interest, again, just as so many other countries do for themselves.

He attempted to with all his heart and soul to bring prosperity back to our country for us, and for future generations of Americans. He wanted to bring pride back to this country. He wanted hard working Americans to be feel proud of their hard day of work, and the pay we receive for it. He encouraged us to be better than we are now. He cheered for us all to succeed. He will continue to hope for us to have the best even after he leaves office.

I mean can you imagine believing in your country so much as a billionaire businessman that you would give it all up because you were so passionate and so believed in your country that you’d give up that lifestyle and money to live under the microscope of the liberal media, liberal voter, world media, and other world entities each and every day. That’s exactly what President Donald J. Trump did for us.

And what did he get for his wonderful, heartfelt efforts? He got crucified daily by critics, cynics, media liars, and believers in a one world government.

The man couldn’t even pardon the Thanksgiving turkey, something each president has done for 50 years, without being castrated in the progressive media and on social media by all of his haters over what has always been a fun event for everyone.

Since the liberals couldn’t even let President Trump enjoy pardoning a turkey, it is no wonder they ridiculed him daily over his other decision to bring honor, dignity and self reliance back to our country.

He supports law enforcement, our military, American families, American values, and the American flag. He is no weak-minded, easily controlled president like ones we’ve had in the past or the one coming into office January 20. He is strong willed and determined. How else do you become a billionaire businessman with drive and determination.

I believe it is a disgusting shame the way society has treated this wonderful man. He has nothing but love for America and its people for his entire life, and his entire four years as our best and most beloved president.

I am an American for Donald J. Trump.

(Editor’s note- This column does not represent the views of Clise’s Cornucopia, its editors, writers, or readers. It is an opinion piece written and submitted by the author. We support the right to freedom of speech. We publish such pieces as time and space permits.)


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