The Cat Called Bob– My Bird Friend Came to Visit

The Cat Called Bob lounging

By The Cat Called Bob

I was sitting in the front window last week watching the clouds go by when I suddenly dozed off. I was dreaming about chasing my brother and sisters through the woods on a sunny day. We were having such a fun time jumping over logs; climbing trees; looking at ourselves in the water; rolling down a big hill; and warming ourselves in the sun.

As I woke up I heard a pecking at the window. It was my good friend Robbie. He is this large robin I talk to through the window. Sometimes through the screen when the weather is just right.

He has a bright yellow bill. He likes to eat worms and other bugs he finds on the ground or just below the surface. I just prefer the food in my dish. I don’t think I’d like worms for dinner.

Robbie had big news. I thought he was there to tell me he’d see me in the spring because he was headed south for the winter early. Turns out his big news is that he finished his new nest and is ready for whatever weather comes our way.

He built it in this tall bush you can see from the side window. It’s like 20 feet tall. I’m not sure if it qualifies as a tree or a bush.

Robbie was telling me he built it deep inside the bush. You can’t even see it from the window. He said he used leaves, twigs, grass, string, fishing line, and some brightly colored yarn he found in the backyard. It sounds like a pretty awesome nest.

He said the nest was so big he was thinking about putting a roof on it for an added layer of protection from wind, rain, snow for the winter. He is still working on those nest additions.

Robbie said he has an outdoor cat friend who shares his food with him. I thought that was good. One less meal to worry about during the day has to be helpful. I can’t remember the outdoor cat’s name right now.

Robbie and I usually talk every day unless it’s raining really hard or something. But even then he pokes his head out of the bush enough to say hey before heading back to his shelter.

Sometimes he chirps early in the morning to wake me up. Other times he sleeps in like I usually do. I don’t really mind either way. If I’m up early, I just take a nap about noon.

Robbie is always flying around. He tells me I need more exercise. He also says nighttime is for sleeping. Apparently it isn’t for running around the house jumping from one chair to another and sliding across the floor into my water dish.

Robbie seems to keep a pretty tight schedule. I think about trying it but it really just makes me sleepy and I have to take a nap. It’s a tough life I live sometimes.



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